January 7, 2022


Please note that the public health authority revised the guidelines for isolation and quarantine January 6th. Below is a brief explanation of some of the revised guidance. The following guidelines will be utilized for students beginning Jan 7th.




Persons who test positive for COVID should:

  • Isolate for 5 calendar days regardless of vaccination status
  • Day 0 is the day symptoms began or the day of the positive viral test for persons who do not develop symptoms
  • Return to school/work on day 6
  • Continue to wear a mask for days 6 – 10 when around others 

Quarantine for close contact to a confirmed positive person should;

  • Quarantine at home away from others for 5 calendar days (day 0 through 5)
    • Day 0 is the last date of contact with the COVID positive person
  • Monitor symptoms for 10 calendar days from the last day of contact (day 0)
  • Get tested for COVID if symptoms develop
  • Get tested 5 days after the last date of contact with the known positive person
  • Return to school/work on day 6

Thank you for all that you do for the health and safety of students and staff. 


January 4, 2022


Welcome to a new exciting spring semester. Below you may find information that can help answer some of your questions regarding COVID-19 safety protocols. Keep in mind that things might change rapidly, and we all need to be flexible to the changes that are thrown at us. I will try to update you all as things change, but if you have any questions you may always e-mail or call me at jsundin@dallasisd.org or 972-749-7309 


Things are constantly changing with regards to our Covid-19 guidelines. You can find Dallas ISD’s most updated information under https://www.dallasisd.org/covidsafety




If your student tests positive for Covid-19 you will have to let Nurse Sundin know immediately as she will have to contact-trace and quarantine those who have been in close contact with your student. She will also have to submit a report to Dallas County Health Services. Please provide Nurse Sundin with a copy of your child’s positive test result.


You need to let Nurse Sundin know if your student has been in close contact with a confirmed positive case.


If a student in your child’s class tests positive for Covid-19, clinic staff will contact those students who are deemed to be close contact as those students will have to be quarantined. The entire class will only be quarantined if there are multiple positive students in the same class.



You will need to contact the School Nurse Jessica Sundin jsundin@dallasisd.org or 972-749-7309 in order for your child’s absence to be excused. Nurse Sundin will let the CRC, admin and student’s teacher know when the student is allowed back to campus. 



Currently there is NO virtual option for students who are off campus so please contact your student’s teacher to find out what your student can work on while at home.



Currently we accept both Rapid Antigen tests, home tests and PCR tests when a student is tested for Covid-19.  The school will be able to conduct the Concentric by Ginkgo rapid Covid test.  Nurse Sundin and Nurse Assistant Lewanda Mclemore-Vaughn will have an ability to do a rapid test at school of your student if the assessment highly suggests a test. If your student(s) qualify for testing you will be sent a consent form that needs to be filled out and submitted prior to testing. Testing is not mandatory or required but can be recommended based on assessment findings. Parents have the option of not having their student tested. Currently we do not offer mass testing of asymptomatic students and we do not offer testing to return on day 8 from quarantine. Parents will have to use their own provider if they want their student to test on day 5,6, or 7 of quarantine. We do not test students who are sick at home. If you want your sick child to be tested, please contact your provider.



If your student is sick at home, they should not come to school. Please assess your student(s) daily at home before sending them back to school. Your student needs to meet following criteria before returning to school:

  • Fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication
  • Improvement of symptoms
  • If your student vomits or has diarrhea, they need to be symptom free for 24 hours and be able to eat normally.
  • Improvement of symptoms

Please contact your child’s provider if you are concerned to discuss if Covid-19 testing might be recommended. We appreciate everyone’s effort in keeping students who are sick at home and not exposing other students to illness.


As always,

Stay Stallion Strong!


Nurse Sundin



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