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SUBJECT: Weekly eNews: August 11, 2022

Message from Principal Thompson

Dear Stallion Families, 

The time has finally come, and we cannot wait for Monday morning! My favorite part of each day is morning arrival as the smiles and laugher flow through our doors. Our teachers have been working very hard to ensure our first day is a great one for all of our Stallions. Don’t forget we have a staggered arrival Monday to allow our campus staff to support our youngest learners on day one.

As a friendly reminder, the beginning of the school year is always a time to refresh our systems and continue to improve together. Please be patient with us for the next couple of weeks as we work to ensure our arrival and dismissal systems are as safe and efficient as possible. Thank you for your support and encouragements, for caring for our wonderful Stallions all summer, and for extending your trust to us for another great school year!

We’ll see you at Meet the Teacher this evening,

Stallion Strong

Principal Thompson


AUG 11: Meet the Teacher 

AUG 15: First Day of School

AUG 15:  "Boohoo or Woohoo" Breakfast for Kinder Parents

AUG 25:  PTA Board Meeting (8:15am in the Cafeteria)

AUG 25:  SBDM Meeting (6pm in the Auditorium)

AUG 25:  PTA General Meeting (7pm in the Auditorium)

AUG 29:  Room Rep Drawing @ 8pm (more info to come)

AUG 30:  Parent Info Night (Kinder & 3rd Grade)

AUG 31:  Parent Info Night (1st & 2nd Grades)

SEPT 1:  Parent Info Night (4th & 5th Grades)

SEPT 5: NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

SEPT 8:  PTA Board Meeting (8:15am in the Cafeteria)

SEPT 15:  PTA General Meeting 

SEPT 30 - Oct 2: FOL Camp Lakewood  


We will be using PikMyKid for all student dismissals again this year, beginning on the first day of school. Use the links below to learn all you need to know about using the app. A few tips:

  • Use email/phone number you used for PowerSchool when registering on the PikMyKid app
  • If you have issues, don't stress! Volunteers/staff will be available at walker and carpool pickup to assist
  • For buses, it is imperative that parents email Mrs. Nowakowski with route information (see above flyer)

PMK Parent Registration Video

PMK Parent App User Guide Video

Download PMK

Please take a moment to review the 2022-2023 vehicular circulation map to ensure you follow all carline and parking protocols.

Bus Schedule

All bus routes are available here. Parents/guardians can reach us at (972) 925-4BUS or 972-925-4287 or via Let’s Talk at: https://www.dallasisd.org/Page/61626. Here is the schedule specific to Lakewood.

Lakewood Elementary is Now Nut Free

At Lakewood, one of our values is to ensure we are advocating for all, and creating an inclusive environment for all of our students to feel safe at school. In order to minimize risk of any severe allegoric reactions, we have opted in as a “Nut Free”  school. This means our cafeteria will be offering alternate choices, like sun butter. In addition, we ask that outside food brought in for lunch, snack, and birthday celebrations also be free of any nuts. We understand this request may come at an inconvenience, but our intention is truly to accommodate and advocate for all students in order to continue to provide a safe environment for all of our learners.


As we focus on providing a welcoming and safe learning environment on our campus, it is crucial that we take every measure possible to ensure our school remains safe for learning, growing, and teaching. Without a doubt, the challenges facing our communities today weigh heavily on students, parents, as well as our staff. School safety is a responsibility that we all share. This is not an issue that we take lightly, and it will be our top priority.

In addition to the current campus security safeguards, we will be conducting 4 safety drills before September 15. The drills will consist of a fire drill, lockdown, secure the building and an evacuation. We will have multiple drills this school year. All the drills are important, so that we can prepare and educate our students about the proper and safe way to respond in case of an emergency.

Each teacher will be taking a little time to discuss the different drills each week. Teachers will speak to your child in the most age-appropriate manner possible for such a difficult subject. We want to assure you that each teacher will be careful with their words and will keep the conversation short and simple. Our campus uses a standard response protocol. For example, students will be given the directive to “Lockdown” followed by “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight.” This protocol is used to ensure staff can quickly respond to secure individual rooms and keep students quiet and in place.

We encourage you to talk about the different drills that will take place. Ask them to tell you about what they did and why they did it. This will give you the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions and you will have the opportunity to add any information that you feel is appropriate. As always, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher with any questions.

In addition, we are requiring parents and students to leave campus after dismissal and not play on the playground as an additional measure to help with safety. This will allow all our after-school programs to use our facility safely. In addition, this will reduce the amount of injuries when our nurse personnel is not on duty.

Finally, having a safe school is all our responsibility, and I’m grateful to everyone for taking the time to help keep our school safe.

Stallion Strong

Lakewood Administration Team

Technology at School

All students will receive a district-issued device:

  • K-2 Students will receive an iPad, which will remain in the classroom. 
  • 3-5 Students will receive a Chromebook. 3-5 teachers may send devices home with students in cases of projects, homework, or unfinished work. 

Find information regarding Student Technology including screen time, software platforms, and how to receive assistance for devices here.

Campus COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Welcome to a new exciting year. Below is information that can help answer your questions regarding DISD COVID-19 safety protocols (no change since May). Keep in mind DISD policy regarding Covid might change quickly, and we will update our guidelines if changes occur. If you have any questions, you may contact Nurse Sundin at jsundin@dallasisd.org or 972-749-7309.

Covid-19 protocol when your student tests positive:

If your student tests positive for Covid-19, you will have to let Nurse Sundin know immediately. She does contact tracing and must quarantine those who have been close contact with your student.

Persons who test positive for Covid-19 should:

-Isolate for 5 days regardless of vaccination status.

-Day 0 is the day symptom began or the day you tested positive.

-Return to school on day 6 if you are fever free and have improvement of symptoms.

-Continue wearing a mask for 6-10 days while around others.

Quarantine protocol for those who have been close contact to a confirmed person:

You need to let Nurse Sundin know if your student has been close contact with a confirmed Covid positive person.

-Quarantine at home from others for 5 days after exposure (exposure day is considered day 0)

-Monitor for symptoms for 10 days after contact with positive person.

-Test for Covid if symptoms develop.

-Test day 5 before returning to school. Return to school day 6 after exposure if test is negative and no symptoms.

Students who are fully vaccinated to Covid do not have to quarantine. 

If a student tests positive in the classroom, only those students who have been within 3 ft of the student will be contacted and considered close contacts. If the exposed student is not vaccinated and is not wearing a mask, they will have to quarantine for 5 days. 

Absences due to Covid

Please contact Nurse Sundin for your student’s absence to be excused. Nurse Sundin will let CRC, admin and student’s teacher know when they will be allowed back to campus.

Virtual Learning

Currently there is no virtual learning option for students who are off campus. Please contact your student’s teacher regarding work they can do while they are at home.

Sick students

If your student shows symptoms of illness they should NOT come to school. Your student needs to meet the following criteria before returning to school:

-Fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication

-Improvement of symptoms

-No vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours and able to tolerate food and drink normally.

Please contact your child’s provider if you are concerned and whether Covid-19 testing might be recommended.

We appreciate everyone’s effort in keeping students healthy and not exposing other students to illness.

As always,

Stay Stallion Strong!

Nurse Sundin

 jsundin@dallasisd.org or 972-749-7309.


Place your spirit wear pre-orders from now until Aug. 19! Stay tuned for pick up details. Place your order at https://www.lakewoodelementary.net/spiritstore 

Spirit Wear FAQ:

I forgot to pre-order. Will there be stock available? 

Yes, a small amount of stock will be available for purchase on the site after pre-order distribution.

I pre-ordered spirit wear. When will it be ready for pick up?

Pre-orders will close on 8/19. We anticipate turnaround to be 3-4 weeks. Notices will be posted and sent out once items have arrived.

I ordered stock items. When can I pick them up?

Stock items, if not included in a pre-order order, will be distributed outside the school. This will take place monthly.

How will I know my order is ready for pick up?

You will receive an email from spiritstore@lakewoodelementary.net . Please make sure that your information is up to-date on membership toolkit.

Will sweatshirts be available for order?

Yes, sweatshirts will be available for order late September/early October.

Are items from last year available for purchase.

Yes. All available stock from last year is available on the site.

Are these items uniform approved?

All spirit wear shirts are approved for Fridays. The only bottoms approved are leggings which must be worn under uniform approved bottoms.

I ordered the wrong size. Can I do an exchange?

Yes, you can exchanges sizes as long as we have stock available.

Can I return an item?

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue refunds. You may return items but they will be considered donations to Lakewood Elementary PTA.

SBDM Meeting

The next SBDM meeting will be Thursday, August 25th at 6pm in the Library. What is SBDM? SBDM stands for Site-Based Decision Making Committee, and it serves as an advisory council to the principal. The SBDM committee comprises of the campus principal, teachers, school staff, parents, business and community representatives, but any school community member may sit in. To learn more, visit https://www.lakewoodelementary.net/sbdm.

New Teacher Bio

My name is Ashton Slater, and I’m so excited to teach 4th Grade Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies at Lakewood this year. This will be my 5th year of teaching. Previously I have been in Austin ISD and Dallas ISD. My husband, Michael, and I just moved back to Dallas with our dog, Maverick. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, and shopping! I look forward to getting to know you and your kids.

**Check last week's eNews (link below) if you missed the other new teacher bios!!**

Arrival & Dismissal Information


  • Kindergarten students will arrive at 7:40 AM.
  • 1st - 5th grade students will arrive at 8:30 AM. 
  • Staff will be all hands on deck beginning at 7:40 AM to help welcome and guide our Kinder students to their classes.
  • Any student needing breakfast may enter through the cafeteria entrance at 7:30 AM. 

Arrival- EVERY DAY beginning Tues 8/16

  • Doors open at 7:40 AM
  • Tardies begin at 8:00AM
  • Any student needing breakfast may enter through the cafeteria entrance at 7:30 AM.

Dismissal by Mode of Pickup: EVERY DAY

  • 3:05 PM: FOL, Big Thought, YMCA, and Bus will be either picked up (K & 1) or released (2-5).
  • 3:10 PM: Announced carpool students will be sent to carpool and the remaining students will be taken into the auditorium and dismissed as they are announced. 
  • 3:15 PM: All walkers will be taken to their designated grade level locations and stand in a line with a grade/section sign. Students will be dismissed by the teacher in the PikMyKid app as solo walkers and/or as their parent/guardian arrives (Details on PikMyKid will be released in next week's eNews)
  • All students should be picked up by 3:30 PM unless they are in after school programing. 
  • All parents need to bring identification the first week of school to verify pick up (especially walkers, until teachers learn faces, names etc.). Teachers will be checking ID's at dismissal before dismissing in PikMyKid.
Classroom Placement

As a reminder, the process of placing our students in their new homeroom classes is very important to us. Administration cannot make any adjustments for homerooms. We must consider the various input provided in the spring to meet each child’s unique needs, as well as the even distribution of students in each class. As the school year begins in August, we ask that you use the following campus procedure to address any concerns with your student's class placement.

  1. First, reach out to the teacher directly with any concerns or needs regarding your child's experiences. We are all learning together and there will be an adjustment period.
  2. If after reaching out to your teacher you still have concerns, please reach out directly to their administrator:

K-2: Assistant Principal Melissa James- Mjames@dallasisd.org972-749-7310

3-5: Assistant Principal LeAnna Bentley- Leamiller@dallasisd.org972-749-7384

Sign Up to Water the School Garden!

Please sign up to help water the school courtyard garden in August and September! Let's keep the school gardens thriving during the hot Texas heat. Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4ba4ae2ea64-school1

Current Campus Security Safeguards

1. Video surveillance system to monitor grounds

2. Volunteer background check in VOLY prior to volunteering in building 

3. Front office check-in system (Raptor System Technologies and ID) to verify identification and screen for sex offenders

4. PikMyKid dismissal system to secure students at pick-up location and notify parents of dismissal 

5. Regular safety (lock down) drills to prepare for emergencies  

6. Key card access only on exterior doors to secure building

7. Controlled, monitored front entrance with locked secondary security doors (newly installed) for entry from foyer

8. Staff monitoring hallways throughout the day

9. Staff doing perimeter and entry checks throughout the day 

10. Lock-blocks on every classroom door to immediately secure the room from the inside in the event of an emergency

11. Perimeter fence to secure the campus grounds

12. District-performed campus safety checks

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