The Site-Based Decision Making Committee serves as an advisory council to the principal. The SBDM committee includes the campus principal, teachers, school staff, parents, business and community representatives.  


The SBDM meets and discusses school related issues, activities, and initiatives. Recommendations and suggestions made by the committee should align with the campus improvement plan and promote student achievement. Any member of the school community may sit in on SBDM meetings.


The following five areas serve as the primary function of the SBDM. 

  • Goal Setting  

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment  

  • Budgeting  

  • Staffing Patterns  

  • School Organization  

As school related issues occur or school activities and initiatives evolve, the SBDM committee may authorize a sub-committee to resolve the issue or implement the activity and initiative. 


Want to join a meeting and see what we're all about?  Join us in the LWE library on the dates below: 

  • October 19th @ 7pm
  • November 8th @ 5pm
  • February 8th @ 7pm
  • April 11th @ 5pm 

If you want to volunteer to be on the SBDM committee or serve on a sub-committee for Lakewood Elementary, please contact: 


SBDM Meeting Minutes: 


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