Current Safety Protocols:


1. Video surveillance system to monitor grounds


2. Volunteer background check in VOLY prior to volunteering in building 


3. Front office check-in system (Raptor System Technologies and ID) to verify identification and screen for sex offenders


4. PikMyKid dismissal system to secure students at pick-up location and notify parents of dismissal


5. Regular safety (lock down) drills to prepare for emergencies  


6. Key card access only on exterior doors to secure building


7. Controlled, monitored front entrance with locked secondary security doors (newly installed) for entry from foyer


8. Staff monitoring hallways throughout the day


9. Staff doing perimeter and entry checks throughout the day 


10. Lock-blocks on every classroom door to immediately secure the room from the inside in the event of an emergency


11. Perimeter fence to secure the campus grounds


12. District-performed campus safety checks

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