Medication at school

If your student requires medication at school, you will need to have their doctor fill out and sign a form allowing trained school personnel to administer the medicine at school. This is required for ALL types of medication, including over the counter medication such as pain medication and allergy medication. You can find the form for medicine HERE or the form for Epi-pen/Benadryl administration HERE.


Please make an appointment to see the nurse and bring the signed form with your child’s medication to school. You also need to make sure you sign the form.  DO NOT send medicine to school with your student. You can contact the School Nurse Rachel Tregre at 972-749-7309 or or School Nurse Assistant Lewanda Mclemore-Vaughn at 972-749-7312 or to set up an appointment or if you have any questions. Left over medication will need to be picked up by the end of the school year. 


Severe Allergies

If your student is severely allergic, please reach out to the School Nurse before the school start so we can put accommodations in place and make sure your student is safe here at school. You can contact School Nurse Rachel Tregre at 972-749-7309 or  


Special diets/dietary restrictions

If your student has dietary restrictions and will be eating school cafeteria food their doctor must fill out and sign a dietary request form together with your signature. Please submit this form to the nurse as she will also have to sign it and submit the form to Dallas ISD special diets. It will take a few weeks before the cafeteria system is updated, and they will be notified of your students’ dietary restrictions. The School Nurse does not have access to update the cafeteria system. Please pack your students’ lunch while you wait for the system to be updated. If you do not submit a formal request there is no guarantee that your student will be served cafeteria foods that are guaranteed free from allergens (including processed at a facility free from allergens). You can find the special diets form HERE

The school is not responsible for foods brought in from outside sources, such as cookies, donuts, cupcakes or other students school lunches. 

School meals are found HERE


Temporary accommodations/needs

If your student has any restrictions or special accommodations due to illness or accidents (crutches, concussions etc.) Please provide the nurse with guidelines for restrictions/ accommodations from your student’s doctor. We want to make sure your student is safe while they recover. In some cases, a 504 plan might be required. The councilors oversee the 504 plans. 

Medical conditions 

If your child has a new diagnosis, allergy or medication, please notify the school nurse so that she can update the record on your child and best support your child.

If your student requires other accommodations at school due to a chronic medical condition, please contact the school nurse so that accommodations and support can be in place for your students’ medical needs. 


Clinic traffic

The clinic gets very busy daily with ill, injured students and students with other medical needs. School Nurse Rachel Tregre or  School Nurse Assistant Lewanda Vaughn will notify you if needed. We assess all students and contact parents when needed. Students are not to contact parents themselves for pick up when ill. ALL students who are ill will be dismissed though the clinic and parents will be contacted by clinic personnel. If you require us to notify you of your student’s clinic visits due to a medical concern, please let us know. 



Texas state law requires all students to be compliant with their immunizations or submit an updated Affidavit of Exemption every 2 years. Please make sure that you provide the nurse with an updated immunization record if you have not already. We will contact you if your student needs additional vaccinations and please make sure this is taken care of promptly. You may send vaccination records to

You can find information about immunization affidavits of exemption HERE


Flu Prevention

The flu virus infection can spread quickly. Simple actions can prevent the spread of illness. Read more HERE.


Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Read about the law & district policy HERE.


Please let us know how we can help in caring for your student!



Rachel Tregre

Lakewood Elementary School Nurse

Phone: 972-749-7309

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